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Customer Experience: A Simple Way to Create Lasting Success

The driving force for most businesses is their customers. It is what keeps a company running for many years by providing services to its customers that have proven time and time again that the customer can’t live without. Where most businesses may fail when starting up or starting a transition in their marketing strategy is they ignore the customer experiences or CX. Great customer experience turns the customers that were on the fence about a business into lifelong users. These are six simple steps you can take to makes sure your CX is in good standing.

Start with a vision

Developing a plan should be the first step that you will want to spend the most time on. With a well-established plan, it will make it very easy for developers, UX designers, and other expert staff to create the reality you envision. This could be solving a problem that people are reporting to you, updating old UX and web designs, or starting from scratch. Either way, you want to have a solid team you can trust that will help develop your vision.

Know your audience

At this point, we can assume that you are not new to marketing, and if those assumptions are correct then you know how to look for your audience. What is so important about knowing who your audience is that it will make it easier for you to create the most effective CX design for your customers. An older demographic may need more a more guided experience whereas a younger demographic want something that is quick and easy.

Establish an Emotional Rapport

People value values. It is what they look for in a partner, friend, and business they want to support. Establishing a positive emotional rapport will let the customers know that you do care about their wants and needs. That you value what they value and will uphold these values in times of turmoil. Emotion and value is the best way to connect with your audience and in designing your CX plan.

A|B Testing

Once you have a solid plan set in place it’s time to put it to the test. A|B testing can be a drawn-out process but is the most effective way to see what of your plan works or needs to be worked on. By changing a few features and letting them run for a couple of months you will start to see trends. Are more people filling out that form at the end of a purchase or are they leaving it undone never to return to finish it? What part do they leave? Why do they leave? There are plenty of questions to be asked but the point is that A|B testing helps you and your customers ease into this new way to experience your website and services.


The minute you begin A|B testing you are measuring and analyzing customer behaviors. All those questions you had before are going to be answered through various points of data. So staying up to date and continually checking the analytics will help strengthen your CX plan.


Finally, you are finished testing your plan and made the needed changes to your CX design and is being completely implemented. This doesn’t mean you ignore it and assume it will be fine. Humans are prone to making mistakes and are accustomed to changing. You must continually review your CX plan and tweak elements that start to do poorly as trends that use to work may have changed. When you do this, you set your CX plan and business up for success.
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