Brand Identity

Corporate Identity SolutionsCorporate branding and identity strategy goes well beyond a business logo, business cards and letterheads. Creating an effective corporate identity requires an intimate knowledge of the marketplace, a cohesive branding strategy, and the ability to differentiate from your competitors in the marketplace.

Why You Need Strong Brand Identity

A professionally designed corporate identity provides strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace. It also enables an organization to achieve key brand objectives such as :

  • Differentiation: Provide compelling reasons for your customers to believe in your brand
  • Emotional connection: Create a positive emotional attachment to the brand resulting in a strong emotional response from its audience without the audience seeing the product or directly experiencing the service
  • Brand proposition: A brand proposition is a promise that your business must keep. It is lot easier to build brand value by fulfilling the promises that your business makes
  • Embracing change: Businesses need to change continuously because that’s what leads to progress. A company unwilling to adapt is a company destined to fail
  • Staying focused on the message: Huge marketing budgets matter little if you don’t create meaningful statements for communicating with your audiences

When it comes to brand identity, the devil is in the details.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Great brands spend countless hours and money to develop and refine their brand identity guidelines. Consistency is the key when it comes to branding and brand identity guidelines are the simplest way to stay consistent with your brand image and brand message. It is essential that the brand identity guidelines are used in a consistent manner. While brand identity guidelines can vary from brand to brand, they do follow a common theme based on following brand identity elements.

  • Corporate publications; both internal and external
  • Public display and exhibition stands
  • Any audio or video production including packaging of DVDs, CD-ROMS and tapes
  • Advertisements & supplements material such as posters, press releases, and other promotional material
  • Conference material
  • Website(s) and any content marketing including social media marketing
  • Communication material such as offer letters, correspondence with customers/affiliates
  • Business stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, envelops and brochures
  • Brand merchandise items

How We Can Help

  • Naming: A great brand name is ageless and lives on forever. Whether your need a name for a new company, rebranding a corporation due to merger and acquisition, launching a new product line, flavor or variant, or simplifying your product portfolio, we can help.
  • Visual components: Humans are visual creatures and we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data. Whether you need a new company logo, product packaging to differentiate, color palettes and typography to engage your audience, branded custom website or need to refresh your existing brand guidelines, Amplimark can deliver stunning visual identity for your brand.
  • Tagline(s): Brand messaging is all about storytelling and a powerful tagline can effectively deliver your brand message. We can help craft a tagline to articulate your brand message.
  • Trademark and web domain name(s): Those who know branding understand that intangible assets can be even more important than tangible property. The simplest form of protection for a brand is a registered trade mark and control of web domain(s) that represent the brand or brand attributes.

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