Data Analysis and Tracking

Website traffic statistics are a lot more than just a dataset. In its raw form, this data provides little use, but with powerful analytical tools, this data offers deep insight into the behavior patterns of your visitors. The more you understand your audience, the more effective your branding and marketing strategy will be.

Amplimark can analyze your traffic data to identify where the traffic is coming from, what visitors are doing once they arrive at your website and how it all impacts your conversion rates. Website traffic analysis can help you quickly identify and address content, usability and business challenges. Once you have a good understanding of your traffic, sources, and visitor behavior, then you can fine tune your content and “Call to Action” campaigns to achieve higher conversion and ROI.

How Can I Benefit From Traffic Analysis?

We can gather website traffic data from multiple sources such as server traffic log, Google Analytics, and other third-party website tracking products on the market. Collecting data is the easiest part, what is most difficult is to consume this data and produce output that is easy to understand and can be used to develop a robust marketing strategy. At Amplimark, we understand this disconnect between available data and output format that can be consumed by a non-technical person. There is so much useful information that can be easily consumed when we analyze your website traffic. Some of the result sets from our website traffic analysis include:

  • Website traffic source, i.e., search engines, email marketing, PPC referrers, etc.
  • Drill down information about each source and past patterns
  • Visitor interaction with your website
  • Detail reporting on your “Call to Action” efforts on your website
  • Reasons why visitors may have been abandoning your shopping cart
  • If you sell online, thorough review of your website’s checkout process
  • Visitor loyalty reports identifying your most loyal customers based on age, gender, location, etc.
  • How well your website navigation works for your visitors – user experience component

At Amplimark, we understand the importance of website traffic analytics. We can develop a plan that is easy to understand and implement. Our powerful reporting metrics can improve your website and digital marketing strategy by unveiling vital information about your traffic levels and visitors. Understanding and breaking down your traffic is one of the most effective ways to measure progress and improve your conversions, which generates more revenue.

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