Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or paid search placement is growing faster than any other segment of digital marketing. Search marketing campaigns when combined with remarketing and retargeting techniques, can be highly effective. According to two recently released reports on e-commerce, online retail sales in the United States alone are expected to grow $40-$50 billion each year for the next five years, reaching somewhere between $430 billion and $500 billion by 2017(Source: eMarketer, April 2013; Total U.S. Retail Sales). Since most people start their online shopping with search engines, it offers a huge opportunity for small businesses.

Data gathered through research shows that online marketing is too important to ignore. As more and more customers become comfortable buying online, search engines and niche online shopping portals are going to be critical for successful marketing campaigns.

For most small businesses, a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is a quick and most affordable way to drive high quality targeted traffic. At Amplimark, we have Google and Bing certified professionals with years of experience in every aspect of PPC advertising – from planning to execution and ROI measurement.

Professional Keyword & Website Analysis

A PPC campaign is only as good as its keyword dataset. It is essential to start with keywords and phrases that will drive quality high conversion traffic. At Amplimark, we offer comprehensive keyword analysis to identify cost-effective keywords that are relevant to your business. With extensive experience in campaign planning and execution, we can develop search engine marketing campaigns to fit any budget.

Amplimark uses a methodical approach to campaign planning and execution. Our approach involves following aspects of SEM:

  • Install Google Analytics and Google Search Console code to capture, compile and develop visitor data metrics
  • Set up campaign budget and total spent allocation
  • Identify campaign audience based on interest, keyword searches, and geolocation
  • Develop specific landing pages to improve user engagement and conversion
  • Review individual keywords and Adgroups for quality score
  • Set up the geographical preferences to make sure PPC ads are only showing in the targeted area
  • Set up different iterations of keywords such as broader match, exact match, negative match
  • Leverage retargeting with the help of display ads

How We Can Help

We are a Google Partner Agency with access to dedicated agency support staff at Google. Often this is critical in researching abnormal click patterns, click fraud and goal conversion. We do active bid management and budget scheduling to make sure your advertising dollars are spent wisely and provide you the best return on your investment. We also review keywords on a weekly basis to add new keywords, remove non-performing keywords and keyword quality score metrics. We provide monthly performance reports to all our clients. These reports are easy to understand and provide a comprehensive overview of campaign performance.

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