Market Research and Analysis

We can gather a wide variety of market data to help you develop a solid branding and marketing strategy. We provide clarity by utilizing marketing data and help you solve your complex issues in branding, marketing, and communications. Amplimark can help with the following aspects of market research and analysis.

Market Definition

Market DefinitionIt is a critical component of business performance and long-term success. We can help you evaluate and define markets from strategic and tactical standpoints. We can provide different market perspectives from customer-based markets to competitors-based markets to quantify opportunities and identify threats.

Market Segmentation

Market SegmentationMarkets are complex ecosystems, and intimate knowledge of your market is what drives market performance and profitability. Different consumer groups respond differently to marketing messages. We help businesses evaluate segmentation variables such as behavior, demographics, motivation, and values and identify market segments that enhance competitive advantage and profitability.

Market Positioning

Market PositionA strategic market positioning is essential to gain sustainable competitive advantage and ensure long-term profitability of a company. From competition analysis to assessing in-house resources and capabilities, we help businesses achieve and maintain a competitive advantage to serve customers’ needs better than competitors.

Customer Management

Customer ManagementCustomer behavior analysis plays a vital role in understanding who your customers are and identifying their needs. Buying decisions are made in different stages and typically involve multiple players. By leveraging customer behavior data, we can help you determine your market segment and refine your marketing message.
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