Website Audit

Often we receive requests to do a website analysis and/or audit. A Website audit is a comprehensive review and reporting of a website including its design, content and usability aspects. Our website audit report is more than a general report from some automated tools. We take a holistic approach to website analysis and every report we produce contains extensive information on the following:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit

It includes a comprehensive review of your website and provides suggestions on how to improve your on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization efforts. This analysis includes consideration of the page layout, backend code, graphic elements, JavaScript, and W3C compliancy. The audit report also contains extensive information on website tags (META tags, ALT tags, and DESC tags) to make sure you are using optimal optimization strategy.

The off-page analysis includes reviewing backlinks to your website, anchor text and page content on the linking websites. This process documents all backlinks and validates that they are originating from the relevant theme based websites.

Competition Analysis

It is impossible to plan and develop a marketing strategy if you don’t have a good understanding of your competition. We review the top 5 competitors in your industry to provide valuable insight into their business models and marketing strategies. This report will include keywords, phrases as well as normalized digital marketing information of your competitors. This report also contains local search data from Google and Bing to make sure local search ranking factors are considered.

Design, User Experience and Usability Analysis (UE/UX)

A poorly designed website results in subpar user experience. User experience and website usability can make or break your digital marketing ROI. With our in-house expertise in UE/UX space, we make recommendations on how to develop a functional design, improve user experience and increase your business performance.

Keyword Research

No matter what online marketing channel you use, it all boils down to identifying keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. When it comes to online marketing, knowing precisely what your customers are searching is half the battle. We provide a detailed report on keywords and phrases related to your business as well as search data from Google. This section of our website audit report should provide you a clear roadmap for your website content optimization.

Professional, Practical & Usable Web Design

Includes a comprehensive review of your existing website design for functionality, practicality, and technology. Final report contains recommendations and suggestions to help you understand the holistic aspect of your website design and how to make it work.

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