Customer Loyalty Management

A very small percentage of businesses really care about customer loyalty. Although most businesses understand customer loyalty, they lack skills and tools to develop an effective plan to engage their customers and improve customer loyalty. A business with fiercely loyal customers is difficult to compete with. At Amplimark, we can help you develop an effective strategy to engage your customers and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Amplimark can help you develop programs and tools to generate and act upon insights gleaned from customer feedback. Our comprehensive plan includes extensive data collection, data analysis and action management. We can help you with:

  • Develop customer loyalty metrics
  • Consume loyalty metrics data. You need to have a clearly define method to quantify results
  • Develop programs to focus on customer experience rather than customer service
  • Measure and improve quality of customer service
  • Customer experience management. We make sure consistent experience across various channel – call center, service delivery, retail shopping etc.
  • Improve content quality online and offline. Few companies focus on the offline content but if you use content such as brochures, printed cards, CDs, fliers etc., it need to measure up as well.
  • Identify, recover and retention of at-risk customers
  • Improve competitive insights by using competition analysis reports
  • Manage brand equity surveys
  • Measure employee satisfaction
  • Employees engagement programs
  • Run customer loyalty campaigns and reward programs

At Amplimark, we understand the importance of ongoing feedback. We help our clients gather feedback from their customers and to understand how customers really think and feel about them. We create data metrics with real world data that can be put to work to improve your customer loyalty.

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