Website Usability

When it comes to online business, usability testing measures how people interact with a website. At Amplimark, we have developed comprehensive testing methodologies to help ensure your site conforms to the best practices.

Website usability, user experience, and accessibility are the three terms that people tend to confuse and mixed up. While most people still consider usability as a holistic concept, it does help to use result metrics that can be applied to produce output that can be consumed in numerical terms. Our measurement metrics can be applied to quantify your results and expectations.

How We Can Help

At Amplimark, we understand the importance of providing value-added service. Web usability is all about driving business performance and delivering results. We help businesses by primarily focusing on components that have a significant impact on the outcome.

User Profile and Need Analysis

How well do you know your visitors? Having a clear understanding of the types of users who will be interacting with your website is the most critical step in usability study and testing. We work with you to understand the information needs of various audience types and create user profiles.

Content Organization and Website Structure

Large or small, every website has a structure. One of the steps in usability testing is to tie this structure to the business model that a customer is executing. What we are trying to understand here is whether your website information architecture is simple enough for your end users. Some web designers tend to think that a sitemap(XML or HTML) is enough to outline a website structure. However, our experience suggests that no amount of sitemap work can make up for a poorly designed website.

Call to Action

This is a no-brainer yet so many web designers flat out ignore it. There is no reason to invest in a website if you can not justify the reasoning behind it. Every time a “call to action” component is included in the website design, it needs to be well-researched and discussed with the client to make sure it meets the expectations. It should also be user-friendly while performing the intended function.

Balancing Functionality vs. Trend

Web designers tend to get carried away with the trend. For example, recently, many web designers are fascinated with social media and blogs without reviewing whether it is needed for a particular client. What is the point of having a blog that only has a placeholder post? At Amplimark, we closely monitor the overlap between core functionality and trend to drive our design decisions.

Additional Services

  • We build user-centric impressive, engaging, and compelling design to sustain and improve user experience
  • Making your existing applications simple, productive and highly effective
  • Valuable recommendations and suggestions in the design phase of your project
  • Help you choose the right platform and technology for your design to support future direction and trend
  • Providing you an extra edge that will set you apart from your competitors
  • Help you design highly efficient, usable landing pages for PPC Campaigns
  • Audit reports for internal linking, navigation, and external UI design components

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