Business Data Intelligence

Today’s business is driven by data. In order to be successful, a business must be able to gather insight from a vast pool of data available to it. In addition, a business must be able to separate business decision data from operational data because not all data is created equal. For example, customer behavior data is much more critical to business decision making than application data or workflow data.

Application and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and consuming data to make better business decisions are known as Business intelligence (BI). Business intelligence has been around for a while, but with the rapid growth of web-based data, it has taken a new meaning. For small to medium-sized businesses, business intelligence is more about exploiting data sources arising from customer transactions, social media, web analytics, mobile devices and infield sensors.

Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. Eric Schmidt, CEO Google

With the right tools to consume and process business data, a business can improve consumer sentiment, optimize supply chains, and simplify its workflows. It is also essential to have the flexibility to handle and organize data to fulfill business needs across business units. For example, a marketing manager might be interested in sales data across company’s product lines, while a customer support executive needs more transactional data. In specific instances, such as an advertising manager who needs to measure campaign success for a particular product or service, it may be necessary to produce the raw data.

The foundation of business intelligence is to have the right data set and reports to gain insights and make better business decisions. Amplimark can help you meet the reporting needs of your organization. We also provide analytical lens tools which layers on top of its structured databases so that its customers can glean actionable insights relevant to their specific business needs.

Data visualization

A picture of your data is worth a million cells. Bring your data to life with visualization.

Analytical reports

Guided analysis from top to bottom turns simple reports into rich BI that can help you make better decisions.

Drill down

View the details in your report figures and charts for more comprehensive analysis.

We have in-house expertise in the following data intelligence tools:

  • Adaptive Discovery
  • BI360 Suite
  • Google BigQuery
  • JMP Data Mining
  • Qlik Data Visualization
  • Rapid Insight

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