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Why Advertise with Facebook Ads: Benefits and Features

Advertising on Facebook

What is so great about Facebook ads? Well, let me tell you! Based on the number of monthly active users, Facebook was the most popular social networking platform in 2021. (Source: Facebook, 2021) Because your target audience is most likely active on this platform, advertising on Facebook can elevate your business.

Benefits of Advertising with Facebook

There are extreme benefits that come with creating Facebook ads. One of the main benefits when advertising on Facebook is ad targeting. This allows you to create and reach a defined target audience. For example, if you want to narrow your target audience to those who live in Iowa, are over 30, and are interested in cars, you can. This way, you get more bang for your buck knowing the right people will see your ads.

Another benefit is the cost. Facebook ads allow you to choose the Cost Per Result. This means you only pay for certain results like impressions, page likes, or clicks, depending on the type of ad. Additionally, you can set a daily budget or a lifetime budget.

Not only can you run ads in different areas of Facebook like the news feed, stories, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Messenger, but you can also run ads via Instagram. Facebook allows you to create and place ads on Instagram stories, Instagram feed, and Instagram Shop.

All in all, Facebook is a user-friendly platform for creating ads. Even if you want to start small, Facebook has an option to boost organic posts.

Key Features

Along with its benefits, there are also some key features that enhance the overall Facebook advertising experience.

  • Facebook ads manager: This tool is a user-friendly advertising platform that allows you to create ads and edit them all in one spot.
  • Facebook audiences: This feature provides advertisers with multiple ad targeting options. You can create specific audiences for detailed targeting. There are options to upload a list of customers, create audiences that have profiles similar to other users (these are called lookalike audiences), and create a custom audience.
  • Facebook pixel: With this feature, you can track customer behavior. You’ll be able to see what actions people take on your website and where they spend most of their time.

Types of Facebook Ads:

There are several types of ads available through the Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook allows you to choose an ad type depending on your campaign objective- Awareness, Consideration, or Conversions. Within these categories are more detailed objectives such as lead generation, brand awareness, store traffic, video views and more.

Facebook Ad Goals

Some of the most popular types of ads include:

  • Inform ads (Facebook lead ads): Choosing the lead generation objective creates Inform ads. They allow you to generate leads directly on the platform without asking your audience to visit another site.
  • Store traffic ads: These ads show to people who are most likely to click through to your online store. Create these ads by choosing store traffic as your objective.
  • Brand awareness ads: Like the name states, selecting brand awareness as your campaign objective creates this type of ad. These ads help get the word out about your business and grow your Facebook page and brand recognition.
  • Conversion ads: These Facebook ads show to those who are most likely to take an event action, like purchase your product.

It is important to know that not every ad will be approved. Facebook has standards in place to control what is advertised and how it is advertised. Learn more about Facebook’s advertising policies and why ads get rejected.

Is Facebook Advertising Right For Your Business?

Now that you know the features and benefits of Facebook ads, you might wonder if it’s right for your business. I wish the answer was simple, but it depends. Typically, advertising on Facebook makes sense for most businesses. However, there are times when companies benefit more from running ads elsewhere. If you are interested in advertising on Facebook, let’s chat! At Amplimark, our clients come first. We can discuss the best marketing plan for your business and run campaigns tailored to your specific goals! Give us a call at 515.225.6438 and let us grow your business.

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