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What You Should Know About Link Building

Link building is crucial in increasing search engine traffic. It is no easy task to build effective links, many SEOs agree that it is extremely time consuming and difficult work. However, high quality links will help you thrive online and get ahead of your competition.


Let’s look at the basics of Link Building. It is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. Link building is important in SEO because it raises the overall ranking of your site on search engines. Building relationships is another benefit of link building as it often includes reaching out to other relevant websites. High quality links will lead to referral traffic, which leads to more potential clients and more sales.

Key to a Good Backlink

The key to building links the right way is to avoid engaging in over-optimization and web directories. Finding high quality links depends among other things, on the page authority. For example a link from Huffington Post will have a bigger impact than a link from an unknown blogger. It’s also vital to ensure that the link is from a relevant site. If your website is about food, you don’t want to promote your site’s link from a bicycle webpage. The location of the link on the page matters as well. If your link is hiding in a footer, is not worth as much as a link placed in the content of the page. Search engines place more value on editorially placed links. An example of this is someone referring to your site in their body text. Be aware of the “nofollow” attribute, as it will not benefit your organic search rankings as much as a follow attribute. “Nofollow” is simply a tag that is added to a link. This tells search engines to not count this link as an endorsement. This is because the “nofollow” attribute is used the site in which the link is being placed cannot be trusted. Good examples of this are blog comments and editable wiki pages.
    Here are the best ways to get links with content marketing:
  • Visual assets like images and infographics
  • List posts
  • Original research and data
  • In-Depth Ultimate Guides
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