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Shifting Your Content Strategy Focus: How to Utilize Keywords For Half The Cost

Have you ever played a game where you had to recall an event from your past and at that moment, you draw a complete blank? Something similar can happen when producing content. It can become difficult to think of new ways to optimize content and you may find yourself staring at a blank screen. So how do we find news to find keywords and how to do optimize the ones that already work? Wil Reynold, CEO, and founder of Seer Interactive says that making a singular piece of content that shows your value and worth should be your content creation goal. By focusing on one good piece of content you can increase your revenue while decreasing your PPC costs. Often, we turn to long lists of keywords that our competitors may be using in their rank. We even start using words in our PPC or SEO that we think fit our business services and products without realizing that those keywords are working against our digital marketing efforts. What people tend to overlook, and where they may be spending more on PPC than they should, is what people are searching. The example Wil gave was for a client of his that designs and builds decks for homes. They started up a PPC campaign and they were spending a lot of money only to find little success. So, Wil did a little more research. What he found was that their primary keyword ‘Deck Plan’ was not what people were searching for when they wanted to build a new deck for their home. What really tipped him off that the keywords he was using were working against him, was that they ranked on Google with pages that were related to cruise ships, not building a new deck for your home. Deck Plan is a widely used term in the cruise ship industry. It is used to describe the layout of the ship deck so the guests know what will be available to them on their trip. Knowing what people are searching for can make or break your PPC and SEO efforts. Will suggests a couple of other ways to find relevant keywords for your business.

Look at ‘People Also Ask’ on Google

This is where AI can be very helpful in your digital marketing efforts. Seeing similar searches can produce new keywords that others may have overlooked. These are questions people are asking and can help you better understand what your customers are searching for.

Combine data from PPC, SEO, and Analytics

If you notice that a page of yours is ranking high organically on Google, and receives a lot of traffic, tailor your next PPC ad to that landing page. This should also work the other way around. When you are building a PPC campaign look for clues that your competitors are using for their rank and translate that in your campaign AND on your landing page. Your PPC should align with your SEO to give you the best results.

Change your vocabulary

As marketers, our worth can be thrown around a lot. We tend to be the first cut during recessions and some people don’t see the value in marketing their business online. Instead of looking just at keywords and search volume, look at revenue, yield, and return of investment (ROI). What will give you the most revenue for half the cost? When you can quantify into numbers and profit it makes it easier to tell your boss that your worth every cent they give you and will give you the opportunity to see how well each keyword performs. You can cut out the words that are costing you money and focus on the ones that are bringing your profit.
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