Marketing VS. Branding : What is the Difference?

Often times we hear the terms branding and marketing thrown around interchangeably and this is extremely incorrect. As a result, it is hard to pinpoint clear goals for a company until this confusion is cleared up. Branding and marketing work together in order to build a cohesive user experience with your brand, but each field has their own distinct roles in getting to your individual goals.

What is Branding?

Branding is what shapes the perceptions people have about your company or product. It is an ongoing process that nurtures the relationships between consumer and company. To break down branding even further, you must first understand the necessity of constant change. The strategy in place for a company’s branding is a perpetual process, it never ends. Consumers, and the ways in which we consume are always evolving. This means, to stay relevant and engage with your audience, your brand strategy must evolve over time as well as new variables come into play.

Why Branding is Important?

Branding is not only important to gain and retain customers but also to build an identity in the minds of current and potential employees, business partners, and shareholders. It is critical because it can alter the overall impact it makes on your company’s value by building trust within the market.

What is Marketing?

Marketing encompasses the entire set of activities and tactics that a company uses to get their branding into the market. Marketing often comes with a call to action and focuses more closely on sales and lead generation.

How Marketing and Branding work together?

Both branding and marketing aim to attract people in order to grow a business or message. The marketing strategy is a form of branding, because it is part of the expression of the brand. In order to market well your business must have clear branding guidelines to guarantee your message and voice is always in line with your overall image.

Get Started

Now that you recognize the jobs that branding and marketing set out to do, it is time to build goals based on who you are as a company and set up a marketing strategy to bring awareness to your brand. When you keep these two fields of marketing in alignment, they complement each other to ensure consumers feel a connection to your brand.

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