Using Video Marketing For Your Business

If you’ve been on Facebook lately you’ve probably noticed that the majority of content is videos now. In fact, a Facebook executive recently said that she expects the social platform to be “all video” in five years. So, what does this emerging trend mean for your business? Think of it as a powerful way to drive traffic, increase conversions, and even rank higher on search engines.

Promotion through Social Media

People are watching an insane amount of videos on social media. Facebook and Snapchat both have 8 billion daily video views, and YouTube has over 1 billion users. Social videos are changing the way people take in information. Social media has the power to reach a large number of people. Video has the power to engage these people. Together they can create an entertaining way to drive traffic to your site. Video posts on Facebook generate more engagements than other types of posts. While your website is benefiting from your blogs, your social media could benefit from vlogs, walkthroughs, or reviews.

Create Conversions with Product Videos

Most people prefer watching instead of reading, just think about the last time you watched a movie versus reading a book. After seeing a video, questions that potential buyers may have about a product can be answered. The more engaged you can make a customer the more likely they are to buy. Videos create a connection that online customers can’t experience any other way. Product videos will increase your sites browsing experience, and create actions such as subscribing, sharing, and even purchasing.

Establish Credibility with Testimonials

Introducing a new product or taking a step in a new direction with your company can lead to many questions from consumers, which is why credibility in your businesses industry is important. If a potential customer is on the fence about your product or service, a testimonial can help create a conversion. What makes video testimonials great is that all you need is a real customer and their authentic experience. A firsthand account of an experience that your product had a part in will make buyers feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

Video Increases Time Spent on Your Site

The cherry on top of it all is that video will make your site rank higher on search engine results pages. Videos placed on a landing page give your website extra dwell time. The increased time that someone is on your site from viewing your video will signal search engines that your site contains quality and engaging content. Still not sold on the power of video? Consider this interesting fact: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web.
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