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The Next Step In Social Media: Twitter Next

It wasn’t more than a couple of years ago that Twitter was predicted to meet its maker. The stock has seen a huge cut in revenue and hope was dwindling for the social media platform, but it persisted. As we have seen technology evolve every six months, it feels like, social media has had to step up its game to stay ahead of this extremely fast-paced metamorphosis. Not quite ready to leave the game yet, Twitter has introduced a marketing tool for businesses that make staying ahead of the trending curve that much easier and less time-consuming. It’s called Twitter Next and it is now your new best social media marketing friend. Twitter Next provides a way for businesses to better select their audience and tailor their message to their needs. The goal of Twitter Next is to partner with the industry’s largest advertisers to provide an in-depth strategic plan to help businesses maximize their tweet campaigns. Twitter develops these personalized plans through advanced data insights that are gathered from the constant flow of tweets and conversation users have while using the social media platform. Looking at trending hashtags and retweets Twitter Next’s new algorithm is designed to help ease the research process by doing all the reach for you. By partnering up with companies like KFC, Twitter Next has been able to create more interesting content that keeps users satisfied with their social media, and in this case, KFC needs. The personalization of Twitter Next is very appealing as every company is vastly different in its own right and thus each audience responds to different content. This also diversifies the content that is constantly being shown on Twitter keeping users interested in what will be posted next and who will be posting it. It is smart of Twitter to use internal experts. Their long-standing expertise and advanced knowledge about the nuances of the updated features will help businesses effectively use the platform by staying up to date with consumer trends and engagement. If you are interested in adding Twitter Next to your social media marketing metaphorical toolbox, contact your local Twitter representative or Direct Message (aka DM) @ajos on Twitter for more information.
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