Marketing During Covid-19

Everyone has been affected in some way by the changes that the Coronavirus has caused, especially small businesses. The one silver lining in this dark time is that our communities are coming together to support one another and relationships are being strengthened and initiated (from afar of course). Small business owners are getting creative to help keep their employees and customers safe while complying with social distancing. Marketers have shifted a majority of their efforts to digital media, adjusting content calendars and finding unique ways of keeping their audience engaged. In this article, we will look at how to keep the relationships with your customers strong while building brand awareness and branching out into the unknowns of this strange time for all of us.

Utilizing Social Media

As people around the nation have somewhat adjusted to their new normal of social distancing, there has been a spike in the use of social media. Staying connected during this time is more important than ever. Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram are the easiest way to see how everyone else you know is passing the time, staying in touch, and consuming local and national news. Social media has become a place where brands can be more personal with their followers. These genuine connections are better than commercial advertisements and staying engaged with their communities without push marketing is the best way to generate sales during this crisis.

Show Compassion & Vulnerability

Showing the human side to your business allows people to relate to you. Share your story, get vulnerable, and put out authentic content that communicates how your loyal customers can help you survive these rough months. If your company is struggling or is unable to operate, find ways to stay connected with those who love your products or service in new ways online. Use this time to get to know the people that have supported you for a while and if you can, come up with realistic ways your voice can have a positive impact both online and in your hometown. Some seamstresses are making masks that they are donating with each purchase, restaurants are donating food to those working on the frontlines. If you can support your community at this time, your community will want to support you.

Be Consistent

Staying in touch with your followers is crucial for strengthening your relationship with them and keeping their interest. Showing up in stories, tagging your products in images and videos, and encouraging people to share about your business are great ways of putting out digestible content and growing your reach. It’s also a great time to give a little more TLC to channels that you may have been neglecting. Creating these habits now will be beneficial to you in a few months when you can get back to business. Someday, this will all be over. What impression do you want to make on your customers when that day comes? Work smart, and come out of this feeling good about your efforts.. good about your business. We are all in this together.
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