Competition Analysis

Running a successful business requires a powerful and effective marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy can jump start your business. Additionally, it is also essential to know your direct as well as indirect competition. Using the web to research your competitors can be a powerful tool to develop and refine an effective and innovative marketing strategy.

No business exists in a vacuum. If you ignore your competition, you will lose the opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses. A comprehensive competitive analysis can provide the information you need to see your company as your customers and investors do, and to tune your marketing and business strategies for success.

Amplimark provides a comprehensive competition analysis. We offer competition analysis reports that are well researched and not generated by automated software programs. We work hard to understand your customers as well as your competitors and then produce an output that is comprehensive and subjective, easy to understand and simple to implement. For example, here are some of the critical items that we review and compile in our competition analysis reports:

  • Website look and feel: This includes colors, graphics, fonts, and use of space. Is it professional? Do the colors work? Is it too busy? Is it easy to read?
  • Downloading time: Is the site too slow? Server status and use of bandwidth.
  • Advertisements: Do they bombard their customers with pop-ups and banner ads? Do they have a free link exchange, free classifieds or paid advertising opportunities?
  • Navigation: Is it easy to move around the site and find the information? How about User Experience and Usability components?
  • Multimedia: Do they have audio or video clips? How do rich media affect the overall performance and presentation of their websites?
  • Customer interaction: Do they have forums, e-newsletters or blogs? Can you find contact information and a real physical location (address, phone)? Do they have maps or driving directions?
  • Industry knowledge: Do they provide tips, instructions, or industry resources?
  • Products and pricing: How is their pricing in comparison to yours? Lower? Much higher? About the same? How many products do they offer? Do they have online coupons or specials? What specific brands are other websites selling?
  • Merchant services: Can you order easily online? How is shipping (quick, expensive, free with purchase)? What payment methods are available?
  • Order processing: Did you know that shopping carts can make or break your online selling. How about the checkout process offered by your competitors
  • Search engine optimization: How well do they rank in search engines? Which keywords do they use to optimize their websites?
  • Search engine marketing: How well do they rank in paid searches? Which keywords and channels do they use to run their search marketing campaigns?

Our Competition Analysis results can help you:

  • Understand your competition and plan ahead
  • Get a head start on the future trends and upcoming challenges
  • Improve the core functionality of your website
  • Gather ideas and leverage wisdom to continue where your competitors left off
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
  • Make educated decisions about your strategic direction
  • Improve your conversion rate, revenue, and profits

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