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2023 Marketing Strategy – Key Factors to Incorporate

Data, Data, and More Data

No matter the industry in which your business resides, one thing remains the same across the board: a marketing strategy is essential to the growth and development of any business. Without marketing, a business is non-existent in the eyes of the consumer.

The overall assumption of what marketing is, is spending money to promote your business. Although this assumption is not wrong, there is much more to marketing than simply promoting a business. Your marketing strategy should include researching competitors, website optimization, content creation, data analytics and much more.

marketing strategy

Without data, it is extremely difficult for a company to grow. An important aspect of the marketing umbrella is analyzing marketing efforts and their success. If you don’t understand the success or losses of your efforts, you won’t know what changes, if any, to make to your campaign.

Analyzing data will result in creating more effective marketing content and reaching your target audience. In our professional opinion, data analyzation, whether through Google Analytics, or any other analytic tool, is one of the most important elements in every marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing

According to Hubspot, 2023 is the year of significant growth in influencer marketing.

“Either make your money work for you or you will always have to work for your money.”

-Marshall Sylver

Influencer marketing is a prime example of making your money work for you. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and acquiring extra resources, such as influencers, to promote your product or services is definitely something to consider including in your marketing strategy.

As reported in a recent HubSpot survey, when Gen Z makes a purchasing decision, influencer recommendations are more important than those from their family and friends. That being said, it is vital to understand your audience and their demographics before you decide on an influencer(s) to work with.

video content

Short-form Video Content

Dating all the way back to the ever-so-popular Vine era, short-form video made extreme headway in the marketing world. Once businesses realized the idea that consumers want to be informed and entertained as quickly as possible. For this reason, when you compare a 30 second promotional Tik Tok video with a 5-minute promotional Facebook video, nine times out of ten the former will come out on top in regard to measuring the success of the video (link clicks, form completion, product purchases, etc.)

In today’s day and age, the attention span of the average user is 8 seconds. This is why it’s vital to grab the attention of your audience withing the first 5 seconds of a video, and then entertain and inform your audience enough to keep them engaged.

Humanize Your Brand

Now more than ever we are seeing the importance of humanizing a brand to relate to and empathize with consumers. This is a practical strategy considering most people like people. Leveraging content that aligns with your brand’s values is important to develop trust between your company and its customers. When a customer trusts your business, they are more likely to become repeat customers.


Work with Professionals

Although a good amount of work goes into creating a marketing strategy, once completed, your work is not done. Your marketing strategy is a living, breathing document that should be tweaked and edited as you see fit. After a marketing strategy is developed, the next step is implementation.

Whether your business lacks the resources, knowledge, manpower, or time to create and implement a marketing strategy, consider working with a marketing firm. Amplimark is a boutique digital marketing agency consisiting of expert web developers, content creators, and public relations specialists that will work with you to understand the areas in which you need help, and your short-term and long-term goals.

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