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Facebook Tools You Should Be Taking Advantage Of 

Why It’s Important:

Facebook has come a long way since its inception in 2004. Providing a nearly infinite number of features to enhance user experience, this platform also offers multiple resources and tools for its users to improve their Facebook marketing skills. Many people use Facebook to connect with friends and family online, while others, such as businesses and organizations, use Facebook to promote, educate, and influence their audiences. If your business is not utilizing all the tools Facebook offers, you could be missing out on greater reach and engagement. And as you most likely know, the more engagement your posts get, the more times they will be seen by current and potential customers. 

Facebook Tools Available to You:

Beginning with simple posts, Facebook allows users to share both videos and photos. These types of posts are essential and allow your company to share original graphics and videos that are necessary for engagement. Facebook also offers an easy way to attach articles, blogs, and other content links to your post. Sharing articles with your audience is a great option to keep them informed. Don’t forget to share your own blog! Remember, you can use the Facebook Post Scheduler found in the Creator Studio to help plan out these posts in advance.

Next up is the infamous Facebook Live Stream. Studies show that people spend three times longer viewing Facebook Live videos than pre-recorded videos. This is an intimate way to educate your customers, answer questions, and make important announcements. Not to mention, it feels personal to your audience.

Another widely used component of Facebook is Facebook Shops. Facebook shops allow businesses to easily create a free online store on Facebook and Instagram. Shops empower you to highlight your choice of products, group specific merchandise with a product collections feature, and personalize the look with colors of your choice. This is a powerful strategy to show customers your products without them ever leaving Facebook.

If you don’t mind spending money to be seen, utilizing Facebook Ads is the perfect way to ensure you get in front of your target audience and show them what you have to offer. With multiple objectives, formats, and options for audiences and budgets, Facebook Ads is an extremely user-friendly choice for every level of expertise. Another option is to “boost” your organic posts. Facebook Advertising could be just what your business needs to reach new customers. 

What good is posting on Facebook if you can’t evaluate how effective your post was? Well, you’re in luck because business pages are provided with an “Insights” tool. This tool allows you to gauge how well your page and posts are performing. Here, you are provided with personalized data on reach, likes/followers, page views, actions on your page, posts, and so much more!

Lastly, we have Facebook Stories. Facebook Stories are a great avenue to share content with your followers, but, unlike Facebook posts, stories only last 24 hours. It’s important to note that the Facebook algorithm doesn’t impact stories like it does posts. That being said, your stories are more likely to be seen even if they receive no engagement. By leveraging your stories, you have the potential to reach people who might not be seeing your posts.

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