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How to Revamp Facebook Content

In today’s marketing world, if you aren’t utilizing social media marketing, your company can seem almost non-existent to some. With around 4.33 billion social media users in the world, social media is a powerhouse when it comes to reaching different audiences. If you’re looking for opportunities to grow your business, taking advantage of social media platforms is a no-brainer.   

The Importance of Creating Meaningful Posts

Not only is it important to maintain your social media presence by posting often, but your content must also be meaningful. Having personalized content is one way to truly connect with your audience. After all, your customers are craving a genuine bond now more than ever. This doesn’t necessarily mean every post has to make your customers feel good and tear up, but they should be creating an authentic relationship. This is done by developing a meaningful social media strategy and using a social media planner. Use a variety of posts to engage, promote, and inform your customersDon’t be afraid to tie in your products or services to your engaging posts!
We know, you might be thinking, “But what should I post?” It can be difficult to come up with new post ideas, particularly with the ever-changing social algorithms and trends. However, your customers want to see new, fresh content daily, and it’s important to have a list of post ideas at your disposal. That’s where we come in! We’ve put together a list of engaging Facebook content ideas to help you get started. 

Content Ideas Create Social Media Engagement

While using the tools Facebook offers you, it’s paramount that you create engaging content to go along with it. Your social platform tools and strategic content go hand-in-handHere are some ideas to help you produce higher engagement: 
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Series:  Creating a series for your audience allows for a sense of consistency and leaves them waiting for the next series post. Utilizing series posts can help you with social media management and planning what to post next.
  • Giveaways:  Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Customers can’t resist any chance to win free “stuff. Giveaways spark your customers’ interest and encourage them to register for a chance to win. This enables you to collect customer contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, which is excellent for retargeting, but that’s a topic for another day. Facebook giveaway post image example
  • ShortForm Videos:  Videos perform better than any type of Facebook post. Think about it, how many videos have you watched on Facebook today? Although the production cost and time spent on videos can be excessive, shortform videos need very little editing and can be easily shared.
  • Tutorials:  Social media can be a very useful way to break down instructions. Your tutorial or “how-to” video should be brief, straightforward, and include just enough details to make it easy for your audience to understand and attempt themselves.
  • Sprinkle in Funny/Feel-Good Content:  Everyone enjoys a good laugh and an uplifting story. Don’t be afraid to mix in this content now and then. GIFs are a simple and effective way to engage your customers. Keep in mind that this content should be somewhat relevant to your business. Dog Hands GIF

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  • Trending Topics:  Just like skinny jeans and side parts, trends come and go. But, while they’re trending, it’s a good idea to take advantage of them. Try to tie in trending phrases, memes, and other content to be relatable and on the top of your customers’ minds. 

Key Takeaway

It’s undeniable, there are a variety of tactics you can use to engage your audience on Facebook. One of the most important points to remember is to create posts that have a purpose behind themKeep in mind, your customers won’t always buy into your product, but they will buy into the genuine relationship you create. 
Now that you have new content ideas fresh on your mind, put them to the test and watch your company’s social media presence grow! 
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