Common Website Design Problems to Avoid

Relying on a Free Website Builder

A website is a serious investment in a company. Having a well kept online presence is crucial for the stake of your business. In most cases, relying on a free drag and drop website builder is usually not the best idea. For a site to be successful it needs to encompass the entire company in a unique, organized and brand-aware manner. Using a web designer rather than a drag and drop site gives you the flexibility, and custom options that a website builder just cannot offer.

Making Decisions as You Go

Having a plan is crucial when designing or re-designing a website. A web designer needs to understand your goals as well as your overall look and feel before even thinking of what your site should look like. The best way to make the process as efficient as possible is to lay out the requirements ahead of time. There is nothing worse than springing a large new requirement onto your web design team in the middle of development. It can derail deadlines and may even put a project over budget if it is too far out of the original scope of work.

Ignoring the Data

One of the most derailing mistakes that can be made when re-designing an existing site is ignoring the data. The patterns from the old site can give designers a huge advantage. Data gathered on user behavior can provide important insight to a web designer. It can help to develop a site that will meet the users needs better and set a foundation of what has been working well so you can solve things that may have been working poorly. A website is made for its users, so it is essential to use every tool you have in order to create a pleasant user experience.

Not Optimizing for Mobile

mobile friendly website

A substantial portion of online searches are done on a smartphone or tablet. Having a website that is difficult to use on these devices can be devastating to your generation of leads and/or sales. Working to make a website responsive right away is the most effective way to resolve this issue. If your website is not practical to use on a mobile device, potential clients will seek a different provider.

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