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Women Lead Change in Iowa

Women Lead Change Conference 2023

At Amplimark, we strive to create an innovative, diverse, and safe workspace for our employees. That’s why we were thrilled to have a few members of our team attend the recent Women Lead Change Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This event brought together some of the most innovative and successful women, and our team came away with a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of empowerment. During this conference, we heard from speakers including:

And many more insightful speakers who provided inspirational, vulnerable, and thought-provoking stories.

Pictured above: Kayci Stafford – Digital Strategist, Maddy Dolberg – Digital Marketing Intern, Jana Rieker – Director of Client Experiences, Brittney Settlage – Director of Digital Strategy

mayor tiffany odonnell

Diversity, Inclusion and Allies

One of the most exciting takeaways from the conference was the emphasis on the importance of diversity, inclusion, and allies in the workplace. As a company, we have always prioritized creating an inclusive and equitable workplace, and this conference reinforced just how critical these values are for the success of any business.

We were inspired by the many speakers who shared their experiences of breaking down barriers and promoting diversity in their work, and we’re excited to continue this important work back in Des Moines.

The Power of Women in Technology

Another key theme that emerged from the conference was the growing role of women in technology, especially coding. As a digital marketing agency, we’re no strangers to the power of technology and coding, but the Women Lead Change conference highlighted just how rapidly this industry is evolving.

We were excited to learn about how communities are helping underserved children gain access to free technology and coding classes, providing them with an education opportunity they may not have had otherwise.

Networking and Valuable Connections

Of course, one of the most valuable aspects of attending a conference like Women Lead Change is the opportunity to network and learn from other professionals, their struggles, and how they overcame them.

Our team was able to connect with a wide range of business leaders, from fellow agency owners to CEOs at major companies. These conversations not only provided valuable insights and ideas but also reminded us of the power of collaboration and community in driving success.

Women Lead Change – Our Takeaway

Overall, the Women Lead Change conference was an incredibly valuable experience for our team. We walked away with new ideas, perspectives, and connections that will undoubtedly help us continue to grow and thrive as a digital marketing agency.

Our team is excited to incorporate what we learned into our work and to continue supporting diversity, inclusion, and innovation in everything we do.

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