When to Hire a Marketing Agency

A lot of start-up businesses begin with doing their own marketing. Small to medium-sized businesses typically wait to hire an agency for a number of reasons. Having a tight budget, wanting to be in complete control, learning who needs their products/service, or not fully understanding what the business is as a brand may deter some who feel they are not ready to market. So, the magic question is… when is it time to switch from in-house to a marketing agency? Follow along with some of the main clues that you are ready to bring on external marketing assistance.

You Need to Prioritize Time

As a business grows, so do the responsibilities of the business owner. Eventually, if you are not willing to delegate some tasks, it will be harder to prioritize and spend quality time on things that are essential to maintain or grow within your industry. Juggling too many things makes the quality of content that is created less thoughtful. Focusing on your strengths and utilizing an outside source for anything else helps to prevent exhaustion and your business will benefit.

Sales are Slowing

If you’ve noticed a decline in conversions or leads, an outside source can help to come up with strategies to reach your target audience. Marketing agencies are experienced in creating and executing plans that are inline with your sales process and goals. Agencies can help to shed light on missed opportunities and use data to improve performance, reach, and ultimately, sales.

You Need Help in Multiple Areas

Marketing is not a one-man show. Many businesses have benefitted from having one agency to create a cohesive marketing strategy across all platforms and mediums. Consistency in your brand is one of the key components to success. Website optimization, brand voice, visuals, campaigns, SEO, PR, content creation, and more is all under the umbrella of services that a good marketing agency can help you with. As your brand grows, your needs are bound to grow as well.

You aren’t Tracking Key Analytics Metrics

When strategy does not involve data tracking, growth can be near impossible. One of the most important contributions of a marketing agency is their data tracking and analysis. The best way to make educated decisions and improvements is to measure the key metrics associated with your marketing goals and then execute on them.

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