Building a high-traffic website must be the main focus of any business that intends to generate substantial online business revenue. High priced Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and thousands of dollars worth of SEO may not do what well written quality content can do for your website and your online business.

At Amplimark, we understand what it takes to create engaging, useful and valuable content. We focus on providing real value instead of churning out disposable content and we guarantee that your readers will notice and they will refer others to your website — in droves. Strong content is universally valued. It’s hard work to create it, but in the long run it generates lots of long-term referral traffic. Our content writers have educational background as well as years of experience in their areas of expertise. We also make sure that we only work with writers who love to write and understand how a online business can benefit from their writing. Here are some of the core rules of our content writing:

Provide Valuable Content

Is your content worth reading by millions of people? Is it unique enough to engage and captivate your visitors and make them come back for more? Remember, the sole purpose of content is to provide value to your visitors. We pay close attention to the words we use. Some businesses produce content that is focused on their existing customers and provides little value to potential customers. Industry research suggests that over 50% of the web traffic to many websites is going to be new visitors and if we could convert just 10% of this traffic into paying customers, that can make huge difference to the bottomline.

Create Original Content

Original Content is another key. You may have valuable content on your website but if it is a copy of someone else work, visitors will sooner or later find the original source and leave your website. It takes lot more efforts to produce original content, but it should be your long-term strategy. Remember, not everyone is a genius who could write captivating original content. If you don’t have great writing and composing skills, go find someone who does and Amplimark can certainly help. In content writing, you get what you pay for and hiring $10/hr writers to finish the job isn’t going to help your business in long run. Quality content is what attracts visitors to a website and deliver results.

Create Timeless Content

If your content is time sensitive, you are setting up yourself for possible failure. Even if your content is good and unique, it is still of no use if it is not found by your visitors before the expiration window. Before we write anything for your website, we ask ourselves a simple question. Will the content we’re creating today still be providing real value in 20-year, 50-year? If answer is “yes” then we have got a winner.

In terms of traffic building, timeless content connects with people at a deeper level than time-bound content. The latter is meant to be forgotten, while the former is meant to be remembered. Very little of today’s news will even be remembered next week, let alone a hundred years from now. Certainly some events are important, but at least 99% is irrelevant stuff when viewed against the backdrop of time and history.

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