We specialize in developing custom websites that balance strong user interface design with intuitive information architecture to deliver a highly enhanced user experience and web usability. Because of our experience with website usability science and user experience studies, we are uniquely positioned to create a unique solution for your business ensuring results and ROI for your business.

Our design process is driven by following key concepts used in usability science:

Ease of Navigation

Navigation matters. We come across clients who tell us that customers find their websites hard to navigate. Most often we encounter navigation elements with dazzling design and graphics but they lack functionality. Unless a navigation is built with a purpose and practical use, it cannot sustain or engage users. Gathering thorough functional requirements is key to develop solid navigational structure and engaging navigation user interface.

Conversion Matters

A high traffic website is not necessarily a successful website. No matter how much money you spend on web design or traffic building, it all means little if you cannot convert your web traffic into sales and profit. We understand conversion and develop a unique conversion optimization process for each customer we work with. Our conversion optimization process is tailored to identify opportunities to increase revenues, capture leads and produce results.

Understanding Competition

Competition Analysis is a key component of our web design process. We gather information on your market segment, your competitors and strengths and weaknesses of each of your products and services. We make sure that your website can compete with your top competitors on design and core functionality. We also make sure that your website is flexible and scalable to match your competition as you grow.

Optimized Graphics in Design

Based on the industry research, slow loading webpage in one of the top reasons why visitors leave a website. On average, most visitors wait only about 7 seconds before they click away if your website is not engaging or doesn’t load fast enough. Since graphics files are much larger in size than text files, a graphics intensive page usually loads slowly. Flashy animations, heavy graphics, and other javascript gimmicks may look cool but they could cost you thousands of dollars in lost business opportunities.

Presentation and Content Layer Separation

Good designers understand the value of keeping presentation layer separate from the content. A presentation layer should only be used as a transport mechanism for your content. Too often extra focus on presentation layer results in poor content delivery. On the other hand, if focus is heavy on content then presentation layer tend to suffer. We understand that a good balance between presentation and content is critical to improve website usability and user experience.

Usability Testing & Review

Gathering feedback from your customers is very important. Website usability testing can help you gather feedback about the navigation, content, branding, and core functionality of your website. We conduct usability testing and research on websites, software applications, widgets, social media tools and handheld devices. We also do usability testing on prototype outputs such as early HTML prototype stages, beta sites a few days before launch and on live sites to gather benchmark data. We can perform a full usability assessment and application testing to accelerate development cycle and save time and money.

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