Man walking into a building holding a film camera, filming the interior of the building the man is walking into.

Video Impact: The Art of Storytelling In Marketing

Lights, cameras, ACTION!

These three words are echoed across the portrayal of what a movie set is like. These same three words are what you need to create any video really, especially the willingness to take action. Most people understand the importance of videos when it comes to engaging an audience but most don’t know where to begin. Anyone can pick up a camera and film their cat sneezing but not many understand how to create visual and engaging content. That is why we have a few tips that will help kick start your video endeavors and show you how implementing videos as part of your marketing efforts will pay off, literally.

Creating a storyline

Before you even pick up a camera you must develop a storyline first. Consider questions like what is the message that the audience should take away from the video? Are you selling a product or service? What sort of benefits are great selling points for this product or service? Are you promoting your brand? What sort of emotion do you want to evoke? What is your call to action? Establishing a solid storyline will not only draw in your audience but will keep them watching till the very end. And if done right, will leave the customer thinking about the video’s impact and may result in a conversion for your business.

Length of Video

Once the storyline is created, edited, and finalized, it is now the moment to discuss time. How long should your video be? A lot of people say to keep it short and sweet but in reality, if the story is very engaging, it doesn’t matter if your video is 30 seconds or 4 minutes. You have to gauge how much time will most effectively get your message across to your audience.

Get Feedback

This where feedback is so helpful. Asking focus groups is a great way to see what is working and what may need to be reworked. You are already investing a lot of time and possibly money into this so you want to make sure it is effective and strong when it is posted for everyone to see.

Curtain Call

Videos are highly impactful to the audience themselves and for your business’s growth. In short, videos have proven to increase the length of time people stay on your page/site, the level of trust the audience has with your brand, and will ultimately increase your leads and conversions. Plus, it is a fun way to connect with your audience that will leave lasting impressions of your company and brand.
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