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The Importance of Digital Ads in Marketing

Have you ever seen digital ads pop up on your Facebook feed in which you couldn’t help but click on and buy a product? Marketing and advertising go hand in hand. When a business wants to market their brand, they do this through advertisements that lead to sales. When choosing to advertise, companies must create a marketing strategy and decide which platform(s) they want to utilize to reach their target audience.

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Ads are found everywhere; they are not going away anytime soon. The first step in determining which medium to use begins with deciding between traditional or digital advertising. Traditional advertising is like an ad on TV. By choosing traditional, a business is reaching a wide, tangible audience.

Digital advertising, on the other hand, is like an ad that appears on YouTube before the video begins. This type of advertising is targetable and easy to measure. With technology continuously evolving, companies have begun choosing digital advertising in hopes to reach their specific audience and have an easier way to track their customers’ activity.

These are the several types of digital advertisements:

Display Ad:

Also known as a “Banner Advertisement,” display ads are the most basic form of advertising. Have you ever been on a website and seen an advertisement on the top of your screen? This is a display ad. It is very affordable and requires an image and text.

Native Ad:

This type of advertising matches the platform it is on by being “camouflaged” into the design of the website or social media look.

Video Ad:

A video brings in customers through eye-catching entertainment. Video ads make individuals stop what they are doing on social media to watch this unique promotion. Although this takes the most time and effort, video ads give a business the most time to show themselves off.

Email Marketing:

This form of advertising is a straightforward way to reach your specific target audience. A company must put together a list of customers who have opted in to receive emails. Email marketing is a wonderful way to promote your brand through information, deals, and promotions.

Search Engine Marketing:

This is used when there is a specific keyword the user is using. There are two types of SEM- search engine optimization and pay per click. PPC allows companies to be the first/last appearance on the first page. SEO helps your company to be high up on the list, through relevance.

In marketing, the goal for a business is to find ways they can drive customers to their business. Ads are a form of marketing that allow current and potential customers to see your brand’s message. This drives the customer to ask for more information, visit your website, or buy your product.

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