The Importance of a Responsive Website

Cell phones have become a staple in everyone’s day to day life. When doing quick research or looking at content, a majority of people reach for their mobile phones. In order to improve a new users experience with your brand it is vital to have a website that adapts to all devices. A user that comes across a new brand will make a decision in a split second about the trustworthiness of a company based off of their first impression of the site. In order to relay a professional, quality message to new users, your sites responsiveness and content will be key.

How it is Done

It is understandable that business owners do not want to spend time and money to create a whole new UX design for a mobile website or mobile app. Luckily, there are many different ways of improving mobile visitors without altering the entire site. Changes to the site can be made within the style sheets on areas of the site that do not translate well between devices. Custom alterations can easily be made with what you are already working with. Many different design platforms have simple tools, plug-ins, themes, templates, and tutorials to help with optimizing a mobile site as well.

What to Look for

So now that you have decided to optimize your website’s responsiveness, what is it you are checking? Well, the first thing you can do is do an audit over your entire website. Look on mobile and take notes on what you find to be off putting right off the bat. Then start addressing those issues. Once you are able to manipulate the content on mobile and adjust how some items are displayed look out for detail and user experience. Go through the process as if you were a consumer and see if there are any bugs within the mobile version of your website that makes it harder for a user to get through the expected steps of your website.

Website Maintenance

Once you are happy with the results and have thoroughly tested any changes to your site the work has not ended. It is important to continuously evaluate how visitors engage with the site and determine pain points within the flow of your website in order to better the overall experience. Making these small adjustments can make all of the difference when it comes to understanding your audience’s needs.

Who can Help?

If you work with a company that built your original website and is helping you to maintain it, contact them and ask them about creating a responsive version of the site, odds are they will be able to help. If you are just getting started, or want to go a different route with a reliable agency, Amplimark offers a wide array of services that can help with a multitude of your business needs. Amplimark is well versed in anything from optimizing user experience, web design, branding, digital marketing, content creation, traditional marketing and other related matters. Our experienced team works with protective clients to determine if our services are a good fit for a companies needs in order to maintain the most beneficial relationship.

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