Data Collection

The Ethics of Data Collecting

Who Uses Data Collection?

Over the past decades, the technology industry went from radio to television, to cellphones, to the World Wide Web, and hasn’t stopped there. With so much online activity, advertisers and marketers have had to shift their focus to the internet. As younger consumers continue to join the market, advertisers and marketers have no other choice if they want to get their brand or products seen by the consumer. There are currently 200 Million active websites on the World Wide Web and with about 3.2 billion people using the internet, essentially, finding a target audience seems like finding a needle in a haystack, nearly impossible. That is why more and more companies are utilizing data collection.

What Data is Being Collected?

Data collection is how marketers and advertisers gain basic information such as age, gender, location, and common interests from the consumer. Big data as it is called frequently, is used to better tailor advertisements to consumers from the data is collected. It’s not to steal anyone’s identity, though most people feel that way about data collection. It is a valid concern, especially with how some companies use or obtain the data.

Privacy Concerns

The misuse of the collection of data and the use of what is collected raises many ethical questions. There are no laws restricting the misuse of this information, but asking the right questions and understanding these questions of ethics can help lead the direction to a better-governed system for people’s right to privacy.

Using the Data Effectively

It is no secret that many retailers collect data each time a consumer makes a purchase at one of their stores or walks through the doors. What sets some stores apart is how they have created a system that helps them market to a very specific group of customers. Data collecting is not bad, when used correctly it can benefit any company and organization immensely. The key is to use big data in such a way that their users don’t feel as if their privacy is being invaded. By using the right data such as a very successful campaign can be created.

Avoiding a Data Disaster

When a company is transparent with what information they are using, people, in turn, feel more trusting of them. Knowing how much information your company needs to know, using the information to benefit them, and being honest/transparent about data information that is collected and used can help keep crisis away. There are many more ethics involved and the road to restrictions will be a tough one because of maintaining the balance of rights of free use and rights to privacy.
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