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The 5 Types of Google Ads and Their Benefits

Today, a majority of online advertisements are Google ads. If you’re looking to reach a targeted audience, these ads are an excellent approach. However, targeted advertising only works if you are familiar with the Google ad types and understand which ad will be most effective for what you are trying to accomplish.

Google Search Ads

Text advertisements known as Google Search Ads appear on the Google results pages. When searching for a specific item or service such as “Interior design”, you may not have noticed this before, but some of the results you will see are sponsored. Google uses AdWords to target specific audiences who are searching with similar words or phrases as your advertisement. Search ads are not only successful, but they are also beneficial for a few reasons. These ads are shown where most people search for goods or services, Google. Being featured first in the search results typically means more clicks to your website and more purchases or leads.

Google Search ad  

Google Display Ads

Unlike Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads are more than just text. These Display Ads incorporate images AND text, and they are not found on Google search results. You can find these ads on Google’s partner websites known as Google Display Networks. These types of ads allow you to expand your reach beyond Google’s search audience. Google uses Google AdSense to match your ads to a display network’s site based on the site’s content and visitors.

google display ad google display ad google display ad

Google App Ads

Google App Ads are digital ads that promote your app through advertisements visible on Google, YouTube, Google Display Network, and more. These advertisements encourage viewers to download your app or, if they already have it, to carry out a certain action within it. Because you do not construct the ad yourself, unlike the other Google Ad types, this form of ad is unique. Instead, you provide Google specifics about your application and audience, then sit back and let Google do the work for you.

Google Video Ads

When you hear “YouTube” you probably don’t think “Search engine”. Like Google, YouTube shows you the best results based on the keywords and phrases you search for. Once you click on the video, you might have to wait 15 seconds until the video begins, because of, you guessed it, an ad. After a few seconds, there may be an option to skip the ad. If an advertisement is skipped, the company who created the ad will not be charged because the full video was not watched.

Google Shopping Ads

Lastly, Google offers a special ad type called Google Shopping Ads. These ads can be found on search engine results after searching for a specific product. For example, if you search for “dog beds” these shopping ads will appear.

google shopping ads

For this type of ad, you can input your product information into Google Merchant Center and Google creates these for you. These product listing ads are beneficial to companies because they promote specific products that people are searching for. They show helpful information such as an image, price, and reviews/shipping.

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