Video Marketing

Significance of Video Marketing

YouTube is viewed for billions and billions of hours every month across multiple devices. YouTube has become a place where anyone can freely create video marketing content to be easily watched and shared. The ease of getting video content in front of an audience can significantly impact and improve a business’s online presence. Here are some of the main components to consider when executing a marketing strategy using video content.


Based on data collected by YouTube is the second most visited website in the U.S., reaching around 350 million mobile devices. Marketers are using this to their advantage. America sees around half of Americans’ purchasing decisions being influenced by what they view. YouTube has the capability to put videos in front of millions of prospects. To capitalize on YouTube’s advantageous reach, businesses need to develop strategic content for their videos.

Video Marketing Content

Despite the contrast of the average user’s preference, videos can entertain viewers while also implementing educational messages. This is best accomplished by YouTube’s most popular type of video, the instructional “How-To,” which is heavily searched for by YouTube viewers. A video can contain an important message, but if it lacks an engaging factor, it will be less successful. When creating a video for the engagement factor, we recommend keeping videos short and to the point, keep the viewers attention with important information in the forefront, and be clear and conscience with visuals that go along with a verbal explination. If you cannot create a How-To style video for your company, find your niche in the video world. What makes video more beneficial than other forms of content? Is it to see the product first hand? Maybe to show how your team goes above and beyond? Having the question, WHY? answered before coming up with content ideas is crucial to creating something with purpose.


Having a video marketing plan and process to produce a video is key. One of the most important factors which decides the success of your video is knowing who you are targeting. Figure out who your audience is, and why they would benefit from what you have to share. In the production phase, it is important to have a solid concept and script for the video. When mapping out a message, it is best to keep it clear and simple, so that viewers can better understand. Elements that can heavily drive a video are the inclusion of music and the branding of your business, such as featuring your logo. If relevant, it is best to include real customers or employees for a more personable feel and to have first-hand experiences. Also, determine how you will style your frames in post production. Tailoring the content and strategies to this style will help convey a cohesive, well thought out message.


Viewers will judge a video’s appeal within its first 10 seconds and will discontinue watching it if it does not appeal. The opening sets the tone and will determine if the viewer will feel happy, angry, sad, disgusted, or scared, for example. For statistics of how well a video retains viewers, YouTube can generate an audience retention report. Another indicating variable for engagement is the headline. This is the title of the video that attracts the attention of viewers and gives brief descriptions. When writing a title, include captivating and highly visual content such as numbers, attractive adjectives, and call-to-action words.

Additional Features

To further enhance a business’s video presence, it is beneficial to include features that will cater to the audience. One beneficial feature may be a YouTube subscription button on a your business’s website. Adding a subscription button will increase consistent viewers and notify people when you put out new content. Closed captions, or subtitles, in videos are another strong feature that will expand a business’s video presence. With it, a business can reach subscribers that are deaf or hard of hearing and when translated into a foreign language, a business can easily reach a foreign audience. For increased interactivity, the inclusion of annotations containing relevant information, or end cards, can augment the viewing experience.
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