Barten Law P.C.

Barten Law P.C.

Barten Law P.C. is a top immigration law firm rated 10.0 by Avvo and a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association. At our Ames office, we provide highly personal and excellent legal representation in all areas of immigration law. Our immigration lawyers not only have the resources and experience to handle complex immigration cases, but also flexible and sensitive enough to meet your individual needs.

With years of experience, we are ready to take on any immigration case, no matter how complex. Whether you are seeking family based immigration, immigration waiver or you are a victim of a crime, we know how much is at stake for your future. Our lawyers will work closely with you and your loved ones, advising you of your rights and your options and representing your best interest. Immigration law is a complex and often challenging subject and the success of your case may depend on your choice of a competent immigration lawyers and proper legal representation. Unlike many general practice attorneys, we focus our practice on immigration law only.


August 23, 2015


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