Measuring your Digital Marketing Success

How to get started

Building a successful marketing strategy relies on specific goals and the ability to measure your digital marketing metrics. Before determining which marketing tactics are in line with what you want, an objective must first be set. Give yourself achievable goals within marketing, such as growing a social media presence by x followers, or generating x number of leads from a campaign. This will give you a guideline to adjust marketing efforts if the money you are putting into these avenues is generating the return that you need. The best way to win over clients and customers is by using data to refine the digital marketing process in which we serve our current and potential customers.

Establish Quantifiable Goals

The first step to a successful digital marketing strategy, is knowing what we want to accomplish. Setting business objectives early on will help everyone to collaborate in an effort to reach these goals. Common goals we see include increasing brand awareness, generating quality leads within a specific location and increasing conversion rates or product sales. These long-term goals can be broken down into actionable tasks that we will set up and quantify.

Calculate Essential Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are used to identify the quantifiable information that helps to determine the quality of a digital marketing strategy. These indicators are metrics that are being manipulated by your digital marketing assets. KPIs include site traffic, conversion rates, bounce rates, followers, email open rate, click-through rate and so on. Therefore, by determining which KPIs will be of most use to your strategy early on, you will be able to set practices in place to record vital information to improve and maintain your marketing efforts.

Create a Place to Measure Digital Marketing Metrics

Choose a good analytic tool to monitor and measure digital marketing performance. There are many great tools available which allow you to analyze a large amount of data from your site. By having an organized location for your data, you can utilize the information to identify trends, learn more about your target audience, and look for new insights to reach business objectives.

Learn and Refine

Lastly, Once you have implemented your strategy and are collecting substantial analytics, you can make adjustments. Gather the data and pay close attention to your KPI’s. A skilled marketing professional is able to measure digital marketing metrics from a campaign and monitor changes to cater to your specific needs.

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