Brand Surveys

Brand surveys are used to help a business understand how its customer and audience perceive the brand. Brand surveys are the best way to measure and quantify the impact of your marketing initiatives on improving branding. To gather meaningful data, it is essential to define your goals and objectives for a brand survey. The purpose of conducting a brand survey is to understand how your brand is perceived in the market, identify your brand attributes that are important to your customers, and to visualize the competitive landscape for your products/services. While generic brand surveys are done all the times, a successful brand survey will focus on specific areas and be very deliberate about the question choices to avoid ambiguous responses and unintentional false data.

Measurable Goals for Brand Survey

When done right, a brand survey can help you measure:
  • Brand Recall: A simple yet effective way to measure the brand awareness. It is usually done through open-ended questions to understand if a customer can spontaneously recall your brand, or do they think first of a competitor.
  • Brand Recognition: Brand recognition is more about quantifying your brand equity. The brand recognition is measured by presenting a customer with a list of brands (including the target brand) to see if customer recognizes target brand as a reputable option.
  • Brand Identity: Brand identity typically refers to marketing collateral and other advertising artifacts. Brand identify related questions can play an essential role in determining the effectiveness of tour marketing and creative teams.
  • Brand Image: While the past brand performance creates brand identity, a brand’s image is your audience perception of your brand. The brand image is usually a product of advertising and public relation efforts. By measuring brand identity and brand image, it is possible to identify gaps in your marketing efforts.
  • Brand Loyalty: Your loyal customers are your best marketers. By quantifying and tracking brand loyalty levels, you can determine how well your loyal customers are helping you further your brand.

Documenting Audience Segmentation

Any time you conduct a brand survey; it is critical to provide a reference point to the target audience. When doing your brand survey, include basic demographic questions to learn more about your survey sample. This demographic data will help you determine if you need to refine your customer persona, or possibly begin marketing to a different audience.

How We Can Help

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