Website SEO

Important Considerations for Website SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important part of creating a successful digital presence. Search engines scour through billions of web pages in order to find the most relevant information for their searches. Making it crucial that your site and content are developed to leverage anything that will help your page’s rankings organically.

Site Structure

The way your website is navigated plays a huge role in search engine rankings. Start by organizing the pages within your menu so that all of your information is as digestible as possible. Try to limit how many main menu items you display to keep clutter down. The most important thing is for the user to easily be able to get where they need to be easily and quickly.

The Content

The content of your website should be meticulously chosen. If you want long, detailed summaries of what you do or sell – separate that content into blogs. Websites are the gateway that internet users pass through in order to get to your goods or services. The content doesn’t need to give them everything all at once – it just has to be informative enough to spark interest. Text should be displayed to promote what is most important to your company and its mission.


Digital marketing is completely data driven. Use what you already know from your performance analysis to make smart optimization decisions. Where does most of your traffic come from? Where do most users spend their time on your site? How do users navigate and use your site? These are all important things to consider to curate a website that ensures a great user experience.


There are good and there are bad links. A good link will do wonders for your site’s search rankings. A good link comes from a well-established website. They should provide valuable direction for users and improve their overall experience.

Improve Images

Photos on your website are a great way of getting a message across while breaking up text. They are also a great way to boost your SEO. When you add images to your site, update the image alt text. Alt text is a great way of getting more keywords into your page so that search engines know exactly what you offer to users.

Clean-up Regularly

Maintaining your SEO strategies on a regular basis will help to stay on top of updates and consumer demands. If you make clean-ups part of your routine you will see the benefits through organic traffic and call to action.
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