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How to Tell Your Brand’s Story: The Art of Storytelling in Marketing

There are a lot of nuances that go into creating a well-defined brand. It is what consumers rely on when choosing a company or organization that they want to support. There is a trick in the trade that most brands utilize but not all have perfected it and that is storytelling. Storytelling is a way for brands to communicate their mission and values to appeal to their customers through a relatable plot. It is what separates a powerful brand from a weak one. These are a few tips to keep in mind when communicating a brand through the power of storytelling.

Establishing a deeper connection

As a younger generation continues to grow into the consumer market, how businesses market to this rapidly growing audience is changing. Storytelling is that fundamental human experience that connects and unites all people. It does so by communicating a companies value(s), which is what Generations Y and Z are looking for in a company brand. Companies like Subaru are a great example of this. They have created a brand around their vehicles by communicating their value of love. Through storytelling, this value of love between a parent and child, a husband and wife, and through friends is now associated with a Subaru vehicle. People who drive Subaru value love, family, and friendship and we know this because of the great story they put behind their brand.

Storytelling has been a life long teacher

Since the dawn of human existence, we have learned through the use of communication aka storytelling. We can help communicate messages such as the importance of being honest and courageous through the story of an unlikely hero and their journey to claim what is rightfully theirs. A good example of this is the 2017 Heineken ‘Open Your World’ campaign. The four-minute commercial sits down two people with opposing political and social views. They are to discuss their differences to understand each other’s beliefs and to open their perspective, not necessarily changing their point of view. It uses the value of empathy and communication to teach its viewers how sitting down with a beer and civilly discussing a different point of view can be beneficial.

Engaging Consumers

Every marketer has asked themselves ‘why should a consumer give their time to us?’ In other words, why should a consumer watch a 30 second commercial instead of going to the fridge to grab a snack? That is where storytelling can be extremely helpful. It can help keep a consumer engaged through creative delivery and a thoughtful message. It takes some planning, but once you have created a story that is both meaningful, emotional, and action-provoking, you have then mastered the art of storytelling.

Take Away

There is a lot that goes into storytelling that would take pages of information to go through. It starts with a mission and an idea. Contact experts in storytelling to help with your branding strategies as it takes more than one person to create a meaningful story. And remember to have fun with it. This is your companies image and personality, show how unique and special you truly are.
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