Social Media Marketing

How to Implement a Social Media Formula and Content Calendar

Why Social Media is Important:

In the last two hours, have you been on social media? The answer for most of you is probably yes. Social media has become such a dominant part of our lives, and it’s not going away any time soon. Whether you scroll your news feed during your lunch break, while you watch tv, or before you fall asleep, there’s almost always some form of marketing right in front of you.

Rhyme and Reason:

Although posting to a personal Facebook page is typically sporadic and unplanned, posting for a business shouldn’t be this way. This is typically true for social media marketing on all channels and platforms. There should be a rhyme and reason to the content on your page. Not only does this allow you to be timely, but it also prevents you from frantically searching for something to post.

Be Meaningful:

The content that your business puts out should have meaning. Whether the significance of your post is to inform your audience about a sale, send people to your current blog, or to simply create engagement through a funny meme, there should be intent behind each post. This factors into your social media formula. 

Test It Out:

Your formula should contain a variety of categories that you know will engage your followers. More engagement means the algorithm will organically show your post to a larger audience, creating an increase in brand awareness. Now, if you’re thinking “I have NO idea what will engage my followers,” don’t worry! At one point in time, every business was in the same boat. You can find out what your audience wants to see by social listening and sampling different content. Don’t forget to take into consideration your brand and what you stand for so that you don’t come across as insensitive or chaotic.

For example, if your organization is a nonprofit who provides shelter for the homeless, humor won’t be your avenue. But if you’re a donut shop you might try humorous posts and see how your audience reacts. Not only should you test the content, but you should also test the consistency of your posts as well as the time they are published.

social media formula

Your Formula:

Now that you’ve determined what posts perform best with your target market, use this data to identify the messages you will use and how often you will post them, also known as your formula. Next, use your formula to create a social media schedule. You will need a planning calendar for this, even if it’s just an Excel spreadsheet. When planning, keep in mind the number of posts, the time of day for best engagement, and the content you want your audience to see. Your content calendar should go hand-in-hand with your 

social media calendar

Stay Timely:

Be sure to stay timely with your posts. If you’re scheduling in advance, ensure that your topic is still fitting and you’re not posting about things that are irrelevant or could easily change. If you are unsure about how accurate something will be, set a reminder in your phone or calendar the day of the post to make any revisions if needed.

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