Why Quality Score Matters?

If you run PPC ads with Google AdWords, you’re probably quite familiar with Quality Score. Quality Score is how Google quantify the relevant of your keywords to your content and ads. Google started testing a new algorithm for their AdWords pay per click program back in late 2005. Before this change, Google’s ad scoring system was very easy to understand. Your ad position was determined by your maximum bid price and your ad’s click through rate (CTR). This model did not have any dependency on the content or the quality of the content visitor would see after they clicked on an ad. Google realized that if online users using Google for search started to perceive the sponsored ads as “low quality”, they might not click on them as often. The less people click, the less Google makes. So in order to ensure people kept clicking on sponsored ads, Google decided to start evaluating and scoring advertisers landing pages, more specifically their content, as part of their ad scoring system. Google’s intent here was to improve and create a positive user experience. When online users find value in the ads they click, they tend to come back for more. Most people believe that Google’s quality score is entirely based on some algorithm. They fail to recognize that there is also a human component. When you submit your ads on Google they usually go live in just a few minutes – without editorial review. However, your campaign does not go live until Google Ad Bot crawls your landing page, including any outbound links, to verify that your keywords and ad copy are relevant to the content on your page. If the Ad Bot doesn’t find relevant content, you may notice a “Poor” quality rating next to your keyword even before you get any impressions or clicks. In addition to that first crawl, the Google Ad Bot may revisit your site several times to verify your landing page quality. Another important aspect of the quality score algorithm is your click history or click thru rate (CTR). If your click through rate is below average you may notice your minimum bid prices going up.

Amplimark Can Help

PPC Campaign Management

Amplimark has optimized hundreds of PPC campaigns for products and services covering every type of business. Our PPC offering portfolio is not limited to writing ad copy and selecting keywords only. We apply holistic approach to paid search concept maximizing value for every single dollar that you spend.

Content Production

Content is king in both paid and organic search. Everybody is familiar with this but few people pay enough attention to the fact that content is one of the most important ranking factors in natural search. Original content is something that Google has gone on the record and talked about. In their online AdWords documentation, they have discussed creating quality landing pages in detail. We understand quality content and have access to copywriters who are industry experts in their fields. If you cannot produce quality content, we can do it for you.

Landing Page Design

Sooner or later you’ll realize that no matter how good your website is, it cannot provide enough information in the format most people are used to. There is a reason why you have a stack of advertisements in your Sunday’s newspaper and landing page delivers same effective message online. We have experience in developing landing pages that not only look good but work.

Data Consumption and Reporting

We provide results and reports in easy to understand format. Whether it is data from Google Analytics or from your AdWords Campaign, we can process it to produce reports and recommendations that are easy to understand and quick to implement.
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