Dîner en Blanc, Orange County CA

Diner en Blanc – Orange County 2017

First Impressions

The undisclosed location was finally revealed about an hour before the event began. Even not being local to California my husband and I had no problems spotting the meet up site thanks to the cluster of white ahead of us once we got close. Admittedly I was a little skeptical about the concept of Diner en Blanc at first. Especially because (unlike the majority of other guests) my guest and I were flying into California from out of town to represent Amplimark as their Digital Strategist. Once we arrived that mindset drastically changed. The view was spectacular; each guest dressed in diamond white from head to toe was an incredible sight. With everyone wearing the same color, the play with texture and accessories was what made each individual stand out as a unique piece to this beautiful puzzle.

Meeting Point

The experience at our meeting area was a bit simpler than what I expect other guests went through. Our lucky group was located just down the beach from the secret location. We found our group leaders and instead of packing into a bus to get to the event, we were instructed to collect our things and follow them down the shore to Bolsa Chica State Beach. Since we packed light this was no hassle at all. Some guests decided to bring more supplies and their wagons and rollers made everything easy to transport.

Set Up

Despite being Orange County’s first-ever Diner en Blanc everything seemed to flow rather smoothly. We set up our table according to our assigned row in the sand. Along the beach the sun was getting ready to set behind the ocean’s horizon. Since we had flown into California the day of this event we kept our tablescape simple, and had a chance to take photos, visit with our neighboring groups and watch the more extravagant table settings come together. Guests hung chandeliers, made white balloon arches, used decorative lighting, even the more simplistic tables were impressive and fun to look at.


The location on the beach was absolutely breathtaking. We had an amazing view of the ocean, the sun set and could see city lights along the coast in the distance as it got darker. The entire venue was gorgeous, lights strung above us in the sand gave us extra lighting as the sun went down and the glow from the décor at each table was enchanting. The sand was perfect for us ladies who wanted to slip off our heels to dance. It was a chilly California night; but fire pits and patio heaters were set out making them the perfect spots for groups to get cozy.

Our Company

Diner en Blanc had everyone in a great mood. My husband and I didn’t know anyone there but people were walking around talking to us and the groups on either side of our table were friendly and fun. We traded snacks, told stories and shared many laughs. By the end of the night it felt like we were saying goodbye to good friends.


After the lighting of sparklers, the entertainment started. DJ Ravidrums took the stage with other musicians to start it off strong. Later on in the performance, Leah Zeger took center stage and did a collaboration with Ravidrums. It was incredible, the sound was so unique and they were playing familiar songs from all different genres. Most of the crowd migrated to the stage to dance and watch the performers, while others enjoyed from their tables and continued to visit with those around them. I saw drones flying above our heads, energy was high, lights were flashing in every direction, a sea of white far and wide. It really felt like a festival on the beach.

Overall Experience

Seeing it all come together was totally worth the planning and effort that goes into attending this giant pop-up picnic. The money spent on each ticket was a bargain in exchange for the entire experience as well as the transportation and entertainment. Although Orange County has big shoes to fill, I can only imagine that next year Diner en Blanc will be even bigger and better.
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