Brand Storytelling – Why it Matters

Think of your daily activities from the time you wake up in the morning. From the moment your feet hit the ground and you start your morning routine you are experiencing different brands. You might brush your teeth and use a certain type of toothpaste. Do you use Colgate or Crest? You might make yourself a cup of coffee. When you’re at home do you use Folgers, the Maxwell House Original Blend or do you swing by Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on your way to work? And how do you choose what brand you prefer? There are many different reasons a consumer will choose a product. It could be price, quality, or status but it could also be because they connect with the company and its mission. That is where brand storytelling comes in.

What is Brand Storytelling?

So what is brand storytelling? It is simply how a company shares their story to connect with their audience. This might include how your company or brand came to be or a display of the company’s vision and mission. You might be thinking, ‘why is this important?’ Storytelling is an important part of a company’s marketing because it’s a way to share emotion with your potential and current customers and relate to them and their lifestyle. This can be a huge selling point on selling your brand, product or service.

How Do You Create Brand Storytelling?

There are a few key elements to think about when starting to think of how you can build your brand story. First, you want to determine your why. Ask yourself questions like, ‘why does my company exist?’ ‘What is our mission?’ Your story doesn’t have to be revolutionary, it just has to be you. Next, you should think about and become familiar with your product. Identify how you are different than your competitor. Third, get to know your audience. Who are your current customers and who is your ideal customer? Lastly, you want to implement your findings and get a feel for your style and niche. You should adapt your brand storytelling to your logo, and tone on social media platforms, your slogan, your mission and values and everything else that represents who your company is. These are just the basics to help get you started. Creating your brand’s story will take a lot of time, research and thought. After pinpointing the unique aspects of your brand’s background that you want to share, it’s time to focus on implementing your message into the brands marketing. But, I can tell you that it will be worth it! A customer will have more trust in your brand and connect with your company on a much deeper level.
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