Multisite Website

Benefits of Using a Multisite

If you have several websites that share a few characteristics, you might question if there’s a better method to manage them other than managing them as single installs. You’re in luck! The answer is yes. This is called a multisite.

Think of a multisite as a network for all your websites to connect with one another. Through this network they share a common database and file system. Essentially, you are adding multiple sites to a single WordPress installation. Because of this, your network uses less server space than if each site had its own WordPress installation.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Using a Multisite Solution?

Now that you have an idea of what a multisite is, it’s normal to wonder if and how you can benefit from this solution.

The most common types of businesses/individuals that benefit from a multisite:

  • Businesses with multiple franchises
  • An individual with multiple personal websites
  • Businesses with different sites for different divisions of business
  • Businesses with third-party users

A great example of businesses with third-party users would be a real estate agency that needs its realtors to have their own site within the agency’s website, or a business that is collaborating with an influencer/blogger who may need their own subdomain to post blogs.

Multisites are fantastic because, in addition to adding sites to the same business as we just mentioned, they can also be used to host websites from completely different businesses on a single network. 

Advantages of Using a Multisite Solution:

It’s important to note the many advantages that come with using a multisite solution. One of the main reasons individuals use multisite solutions is to save time and become more efficient. Because all sites within a multisite network share themes, plugins, and files, your updates only have to happen once each time, instead of updating each site individually. Not to mention, each site is in one central dashboard making web maintenance a breeze.

Because you are not hosting as many sites independently, running all of them on a single network is far more cost-effective. A multisite uses one set of core WordPress files, as well as one copy of each theme and plugin. Therefore, each site has less code and takes up less server space, saving you money!

Another enticing element of using a multisite is the ease of implementing brand identity. If your organization has multiple different locations and each location needs its own site, a multisite will save you an ample amount of time. Using a multisite allows you to keep the branding and structure the same across different branch sites while still allowing you to customize content for each location.

Are You Ready?

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