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5 Major Lead Generation Tips for Your Business

In order to find and attract customers to buy your goods or services, you must generate leads. Leads are potential customers who have actively shown that they are interested in something you can provide. To find these prospects, and help guide them to becoming a customer we must utilize different strategies for lead generation.

Build Relevant Landing Pages

When promoting content in an ad, it is important to have a strategic landing page that supports the message you were wanting to get across. These are sometimes specific pages within your website, but they can also be stand alone pages that are specifically created for your marketing or advertising campaign.

The significance of having a page that is unique to your ad would be the ability to focus all of the content on converting. The focus of your website is generally a broad overview of the entire company. Your services, who you are, and more about the overall brand. If your ad has a more narrow goal, then the page which the user is taken from clicking your ad should reflect that same message and goal.

Incorporate a Call-to-Action

Getting potential clients to see and become aware of your content is important. Ads, social media, links, blogs, all of the content you push out is valuable to your marketing. Once your target audience gets your information, they need to know what to do with it. That is where a strong call-to-action will come in handy. Include small nudges toward the action you would like users to take.

For example, if you are providing a service and you want them to call it would be pretty important to leave a strategically placed “CALL NOW” button. Without these little pieces of information people would still be able to follow through if they are interested, but making the action more convenient to them will help conversion rates and encourage more people to take action. The same goes for subscribing to monthly e-newsletters, filling out forms, or going to certain areas of your website. When you but content online, you are able to guide people through the purchase cycle.

Collect Useful Information

If a person takes the time to fill out a contact, subscription, or registration form, they are great candidates to follow up with because they have shown interest.

To obtain key pieces of information about these valuable prospects, it is important that visitors are not discouraged from filling your forms out. Keeping them short and precise will help not to overwhelm someone with the intent of submitting their information. If the information you need is lengthy, maybe there is a better way to communicate some of the details on the phone or in a consultation rather than a multiple page form. Depending on your objective, it can be beneficial to ask for the most useful information first and worry about the nitty gritty later.

Grow your Email Marketing

One of the best ways to collect information from a potential customer is to offer something in return. A weekly or monthly e-newsletter or some sort of email subscription could be just what you need to generate leads, educate consumers about your brand, and provide them with content that they are interested in. Most online consumers will convert into customers after learning a bit about the company they purchase from since they cannot hold or see the product first hand. Nurturing these

5. Know the Systemized Process & Follow Through

Before asking for leads, it is important to have a clear understanding of how they will be used. Who will be in charge of the relationship with these leads and what will the process be after a lead is captured? Coming up with scripts, email templates and a systemized process can take some time, and having this ready before a lead generation ad goes live is vital to be sure each potential client gets a timely, well thought out response.

Need Help With Your Lead Generation?

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