Official Wealth Brand

Official Wealth Brand

Martez House owner of Wealth. Prior division 1 collegiate football star strucken by a career ending crippling injury defied all odds when creating this brand. Through his plant based nutrition guide and Wealth Cycle fitness program he lost over 100lbs in only one years time as well as making a full recovery. Martez has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the astronomical mental and physical benefits of a plant based lifestyle. Being the first of its kind, Unmatched by competitors Wealth has redefined fitness and nutrition for the world.

WEALTH is designed to educate everyone worldwide on how to create their greatest versions – performing at their highest levels during the longevity of their lives. WEALTH’s foundation is built on extreme recovery obtained by a customizable plant-based lifestyle along with light weight high-intensity training, they call that the perfect recipe for the WEALTH Cycle. Aside from the obvious short term health benefits, WEALTH is a catalyst for long-term positive health benefits. Avoiding injury, increasing energy, boosting synergy, decreasing physical and mental fatigue, and finally, doing what you love for longer. WEALTH – You define it.


September 1, 2016


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