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Why Your Website Should Reflect Perfectly on Your Mobile Device, Not Just on Your Laptop.

We are constantly on our phones. When searching on your mobile device you look at it no different than when you are searching on your laptop. You look for quality and simple to use websites with a good reputation. Your mobile design should reflect that, which means you can’t use the same website design that you use for laptops. This is why responsive websites, or an approach to designing websites across all platforms, are so important.

Why Do I Have to Create a whole new Design?

It is understandable that creating a whole new UX design for a mobile website or mobile app seems costly and time-consuming. With more and more people searching on mobile devices you want to make sure your site or app is top of the list. When you create a website for desktop use, it doesn’t translate the same on a mobile device. This makes it hard for a person to use the site. As a result, the user will leave your website to use a different company that might be more simple to use, and you lose potential business. Updating your website to be both desktop and mobile friendly will help you be more accessible to your audience.

Creating a Mobile UX Design

So now you know why should create a mobile website design, but how do you make one now? Well, there are many options. If you have a company that built your desktop website and is helping you maintain it, contact them and ask them about creating a mobile site, odds are they will be willing to do so. If you created your website yourself there are a ton of different applications you can use that can help you create that perfect design. Or if you are just getting started contact an agency to help you optimize your websites user experience and design for other marketing matters such as SEO.

Going Foward

Once you get your mobile app or website up and running make sure that you evaluate it. Use A|B testing to see what elements of your UX design is succeeding or failing. Have a focus group use the app and give you feedback on what they liked and what they found confusing. Use that feedback to further enhance your mobile website. Evaluation should be done every 3 to 6 months depending on the development of the website. Staying consistent will help make sure your website is always up to date so you never fall behind the trends.
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