Bio Protection Services of Iowa

Bio Protection Services of Iowa

Bio Protection Services of Iowa offers sanitization and disinfection services to businesses and residential customers throughout the state of Iowa. Their state-of-the-art patented electrostatic disinfection sprayers utilize electrically charged tips on the end of the sprayers to add a positive charge to droplets that literally seek out and wrap bacteria, viruses, and germ-infested areas in a negatively charged world. The force of electrostatic attraction is so strong that the droplets can, and will, reverse direction and move upwards, against gravity which provides for uniform dispersion and virtually 100% coverage of the area that is being sprayed. Therefore being one of the most effective processes to treat an area affected by COVID-19.

BPS provides a fast and effective application method with absolutely no need to touch or wipe the surfaces. This is a highly effective and efficient disinfection and sanitization solution for hospitals, assisted living facilities, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, daycare, airplanes, transportation, retirement homes, and businesses.


March 28, 2018


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