American Management Resources

American Management Resources

AMR is a management consulting firm that serves a broad range of organizations with an extensive menu of services. AMR uses the acronym SPORTS to signify its capabilities:

  • Special
  • Projects
  • Outplacement
  • Research Studies
  • Testing & Training
  • Surveys

Among the organizations AMR has served are: insurance, banking and financial institutions, hospitals, long-term care providers and other health care providers, manufacturers, food processors, high-tech enterprises, construction companies, transportation firms, non-profit organizations, and education.

AMR Develops Solutions; Improves Financial and Employee Performance; Reenergizes Organizations and Careers; and Achieves Results using quality principles, concepts, and technologies.

With years of experience, AMR understands your concerns, challenges, and business issues. AMR’s seasoned consultants can help you find solutions that improve your bottom line.


March 28, 2015


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